Wednesday, February 07, 2007

In what seems to be a both completely understandable and also very appropriate tribute to the recent death of Stuart Lubbock - who died at the house of actor Michael Barrymore with a "significant level of alcohol and drugs in his system and have serious anal injuries" an English pub has begun serving a dish called "Barrymore pie - faggots swimming in gravy".

While the word faggots can refer to a bunch of sticks and also to a meat dish of sorts (which is no doubt the excuse used by the landlord) it's still a pretty great example of moronic asshole bully tactics employed by an attention craving entrepreneur who has GOT to vote right wing.

Genius quote from a classic "people's champion/idiot":
"These people say this is not funny but their behaviour is turning it into a joke. I am sorry that they are upset but I will not be bullied. I will not bow to this pressure. I sell about 100 Barrymore Pies a week. I suppose I could change its name to Politically Correct Pie.”

Stand by for a torch bearing mob of middle aged "concerned citizens" who will stand up for his right to earn money by acting like a petulant child. No one should be allowed to tell THEM to act like adults!
Look, this pub owning battler is just trying to sell pies by conceptually linking them to murder, indiscriminate homophobia and gruesome anal torture. What's so wrong with that? Let the man earn a buck the honest way. He's just putting his head down and working.

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