Monday, February 12, 2007

Celebrity Madness

See the tragic sorrow of Anna Nicole in all it's unbridled starkness by looking inside her refridgerator! The good people at have gone and published photos of what was in Anna Nicole's fridge - namely a whole lot of Slim Fast and methadone. They assure readers the photos are real as well which serves as a guarantee of authentic horror. Meanwhile, thieves break into Anna Nicole's house in the Bahamas and steal everything she owns.

Britney's most recent ex-boyfriend tells all about sex with Britney to News of the World claiming Britney is a sex addict and is very clearly not over her marriage with the Fed Ex. A Rabbi in New York offers the press his advice on how Britney can clean up her act and how she should deal with her kids from now on.

The ratio of straight:gay from *nSync is edging toward a change again as J C Chavez is reported to have been getting his publicist to pick up guys for him. With portraits like the one included, were we in any doubt?

While it’s fine for Tara Reid to relentlessly pursue a public image of unfathomable instablility, a reliance on alcohol and a penchant for cheap surgery to cope – it’s not ok for someone to talk about her doing so or being a dud in the sack.

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