Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Unemployed and therefore unable to afford a banquet for 60, a German man did what anyone else would do and ordered a banquet worth close to 5000 dollars to be delivered to a club house and when everyone's backs were turned, he more or less stole it all and drove away.

Would you not just steal food from a grocery store, or do an eat and run in a restaurant? Surely you lose precious minutes and heighten the chance of being caught while you're carefully packing the food into a van and everyone is standing around wondering what you're doing.

Or, perhaps that is exactly that everyone expected him to do so he simply did the stupidest thing he could think of. Maybe this German man is a genius. He most certainly is, come to think of it.

Just for deciding to do the stupidest thing ever. AND he got away with it until he went back to the club house where the food arrived. the very same place that people had, at length, interracted with him and watched him manipulatively steal that food.

No, he is the stupidest German ever. Well, maybe not ever. But stupid, sure.

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