Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wolfgang Puck potentially poisoned hundreds of people by serving food that may or may not have been riddled with Hepatitis A as part of the catering he provided for 13 high profile events in Hollywood. Is it fair to say that his motto should now be the exciting mystery laced: "Eat the food; see if you get jaundice! It's a nausea potluck with Puck!" Hep A could be anywhere in LA.

The only thing that can happen now is a collective of LA wannabe celebrity freaks get painted up and act like they have Hepatitis A, or better yet, actually go and get the disease by, oh, let's see - eating the shit out of a hospital dumpster or something (I cannot beleive I just wrote that) so they can walk around town, ill to the hilt with dark sunglasses on pretending they don't have it. Just so people know they were there.

"What?! WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT? YES, FINE! I have Hep A. I was at the private celebrity party hosted by Wolfgang Puck and I got sick. What? I was invited by the host, duh. I see you're pretty well. Obviously you weren't invited."

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