Thursday, February 01, 2007

Could there be a more tiresome issue than the thinness of models? It's the most tired, beaten to death, "let me complain about SOMETHING because it sounds like I should be upset about it" issue ever.

Still, four out of five people say models are too thin but, according to statistics reported in the Washington Post and also blogged on by Judith Warner in the New York Times the majority of the demographic for fashion magazines are idiots so, let's reassess the context.

People vehemently claiming models are too thin are probably the same type of people who, in 2004, said that they'd vote for Bush because they should "let the man finish his job..." or something equally as inane and sycophantic. Who cares?

This is an issue belted about by loud, marketably empowered ex-skeletal women like Tyra Banks so they can win over a mainstream demographic. TV obsessed people love to feel better about being fat and selectively couchbound so they respond to stories about how thin models are and echo predictable concerns about runway models.

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