Thursday, February 15, 2007

Finally, FINALLY, someone has come up with the genius idea of combining the hilarious schadenfraude-based antics of a Japanese gameshow/reality TV and old people.

A Japanese artist has come up with a practical application of the idea that old people shouldn't be ushered into the grave through a total lack of stimulation in their retirement living space. They should be endlessly stimulated and prompted to respond and be aware.

Consequently, the new living spaces, lovingly called Reversible Destiny look like a playland or the set to that old kid's gameshow called, Fun Houseon the outside , and the floors are kind of uneven and you know, if you don't watch where you're going you can, I don't know, be impaled or something etc. etc. Inevitably the elderly don't have time to decrescendo - they have to stay alert and spatially aware or they'll die a gruesome death surrounded, of course, by quirky, fun loving architecture.

The only thing missing now is a set of high tech cameras that captures every life detail and erotic secret of those old people only to then blast it out to every living room in the world. It's the missing link and would enrich everyone else in the world too. Is there an actual down side to this new project?

It would seem not.

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