Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Maybe it's because it's the Chinese year of the boar, maybe it's because people like to be surrounded by their own little walking bacon factory (although, obviously this is flawed because there's a limited supply of bacon once the animal is dead - but hey, who's talking death?) but pigs are so totally the new ferrett.

Not only are mini pigs being snatched up as pets in Taiwan, but they're also allowed to get married in a Catholic ceremony (which means that it's fine for pigs to get married but not fine for gay people to - and that makes total sense when you really think about it after, of course, you drill a hole in your skull, let a mouse eat away most of your brain). And those marriage focused pigs are taking advantage of their civil rights too.

Like these pigs. They got married and the only problem anyone had with the whole thing was the putrid stench.

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