Thursday, February 08, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Anna Nicole Smith dies leaving behind a baby girl.

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton ditch the Heatherette show at New York Fashion Week (separately - no doubt on orders from their publicists/managers) and miss the presentation of the assless pants. That's what you get for not showing up. Britney does still go out and get drunk though, so, she was still on task.

A Nineties sensibility is seeping back into the mainstream and the prevalence of depressed celebrities only proves it more. Seeing as the 90s were more or less just a blur of organic colors, collarless oversized shirts, floppy hair, very black wire sunglasses, pork pie hats, fat basketball shoes, mental illness and comfortably bisexual pop stars and we seem to be being inundated with all these when you have a look at Donatella Versace’s newest "priest inspired" fashion offerings and if you follow the romps of Britney Spears. Consequently, depressed celebs are an inevitability. And tt makes sense too. After all, while in the plastic sewer of perpetual happiness that is LA, an angle that really makes you stand out can easily be established by simply going in the opposite direction of everyone else. And while everyone in LA has been forcing a smile and wearing colors for the past 7 years, maybe it’s time to own a frown. Consequently, it makes complete sense that owning your depression is the next big thing. Zach Braff, Mandy Moore and Ann Hathaway are all recently outted depressed celebs.

GLAAD announces that it finds Shirley Q Liquor offensive which will more than likely merely serve as a reminder that Shirley Q exists because she hasn't done anything in years. They also fail to notice that the actor who plays Ms. Liquor has an equally ironic and offensive white woman character. Way to sound like a rancid censorship happy suburban Christian mother, GLAAD! It's called "irony".

OJ Simpson is told by a judge to stop spending money from his book advance.

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