Monday, February 05, 2007

Anyone traveling across Bulgaria late at night by bus might finally now be given the opportunity to crank one off in their seat to pass the time - as part of a new company policy - because one bus company has decided to show porn films on a plasma screen TV.

"We wanted to give the passengers something to take their minds off the cold and to pass the time while waiting for a bus, and there are unlikely to be children around that time of night."

Which really begs the question - why not spend the 29.95 on a couple of space heaters or something and then you could avoid stimulating the rape/freak potential in the emotionally stunted, socially isolated 22 year old farmer's son in the back of the bus and avoid all those costly lawsuits for sexual harassment from shocked matronly women?

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Ruthie Black naked said...

Why call YOURSELF whore?

It's a name you have to earn like I did, honey, and you can't earn it sitting at your keyboard. The name must also be tattooed across your face by church women, or the PTA, or the synogogue, etc. Otherwise someone might expose you for the good, healthy, career guy that YOU REALLY ARE.