Thursday, February 08, 2007

Great news for people who haven't the time to visit an actual fromagerie but who need to be able to access visual evidence of the process raw milk matter goes through before it becomes cheese at all times (and these days, who ISN'T in that position, right?).

A wesbite has just set up what is more or less just a cheese cam with a timer next to it so you can see how long the cheese has been sitting there. The frame doesn't move, it just focuses on the slow but steady process of congealing that the fat goes through.

That's all.

So, maybe the best thing to do would be to bookmark the page and then every couple of weeks go back and check. You could maybe even take screen grabs of what the cheese looks like and then after you've gathered a few screengrabs over the weeks, simply sit down at the table and compare the changing block.

Or, if you're someone who might otherwise be stabbing their own face open with a blunt pair of scissors, you might want to simply sit there and watch because it's a great distraction from crippling emotional pain or sociopathic tendencies. You could considering sitting there, hoping for any kind of slight change in texture. It will happen. Something will change with that cheese, it has to. And how are you going to see it if you look away. You'd better not look away because that cheese will move on without you. It will develop and grow and leave you behind - just like everyone else has.

That's right, get another redbull and put on a CD. We're in for a long long year.

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