Wednesday, February 07, 2007

After getting a 30 cent tip on an 11 dollar cab ride a cab driver found a bag in his cab that contained 31 diamond rings. He returned it after racing around trying to find the woman who had left it there. He got 100 dollars as a reward and said a whole lot of stuff about how he was grateful for life and didn't want to steal etc etc. OK, great. You're a hero.

There really is nothing like a good, working class story about someone who restores your faith in humanity. It's strange how these stories always feel a little evil because you can just see the editor sitting there saying, "Yeah...just give them the story about the diamond rings and then they'lll trust us and then after that...we can start the brainwashing."

It works for Fox News.

Or, of course, I could just be dead on the inside. But maybe that's what they want me to think...

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