Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In just the same way Americans can't get enough stories about obese middle American women and girls, Anna Nicole and, to a lesser extent, Britney's breakdown - people can't seem to get enough feel good stories about hideously disfigured animals.

What's the appeal? They're little and horrifying to look at so you get to feel bigger and prettier than something? Why not just go down to the park and pick on a short ugly kid? I suppose that's what is happening when people stare at the hideously deformed animal contingent anyway and better to do it to an animal that'll probably die pretty quickly anyway.

And, the public aren't the only ones who love deformed freaking organisms too. Nature itself never seems to tire of churning them out. One would be forgiven for suspecting, in fact, that Nature has a conveyer belt and an endless parade of maleable farm animals all eager to be beaten with the ugly stick, solidified and born.

This week's offering is a two faced pig (um, we just had a two faced calf - what's the matter? Running out of ideas?) whose face actually looks like the back of a stuffed toy pig crossed with a Jim Henson muppet born in China.

What an odd thing to happen in this, the Year of the Pig.

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