Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It was inevitable that the Ted Haggard hilariousness was to become entertaining for everyone else but him and his apparently brain dead wife no matter what happened to him in "therapy".

Seeing as he chose the more delusional route by coming out three weeks later proclaiming himself to be completely straight - after, just to recap - repeatedly having sex with hooker, Mike Jones to the light of a single candle - sometimes having loosening himself up with a romantic and delicate portion of crystal meth.

That's right, three weeks of therapy made him straight and actually revealed that he was a more or less just a maddened sex addict and NOT GAY. Thank goodness. So, now he's moving to Colorado to be a psychologist - as would be expected.

Could it GET any more gratifying and masochistically entertaining? Well, maybe not masochistic but certainly gratifying .

Now, you can bet on WHEN he'll slip up. Not IF. WHEN!

All money raised goes to gay youth based charities so not only do we now get to sit back and turn this Republican hatemongering freak's self righteous delusion into endlessly gratifying sport/entertainment in the media. We can also all feel good about knowing money raised from our enjoyment will go towards supporting people who really need it. Namely, young people who experience disenfanchisement in no small part because of people like Haggard's anti-gay agenda.
If you look at the flow of images in this post, you can see a dramatic reconstruction of it happening already. Look at the way Haggard's image is staring aggressively at the picture of young Ion Davidoff. Longingly staring. Longingly. Staring...

So, the whole situation is not just win win. It's win win WIN.

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