Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The poetic nature of this story is really enough reason to post about it. Just a description is all you really need.

Check it out: A group of hefty German teenaged girls were applying deodorant to their underarms and by the time they had applied the correct amount; which means the amount that would adequately both mask their normally pungent body odor as well as prevent excessive under arm wetness, an impressive level of deodorant based fume billowed around the room like great clouds setting off the fire alarm.

To set off a fire alarm, smoke particles need to disrupt the light beam censor inside the device and even cigarette smoke sometimes isn't thick enough.

Consequently, it's safe to assume that these women were laden with an extraordinarily intense smell - maybe even one that could pass through lead. But, after all, they were German so perhaps that's one of the long term results of regularly eating people and feces.

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