Monday, February 26, 2007

What an intriguing way to rationalise a chronic fear of intimacy and maddening sexual inadequacy! Just link celibacy to longevity and it looks like you meant it. Not to mention the fact that it's a way to be enchantingly distasteful in the media - which, of course, most people are looking for. Especially in attention hungry Asia.

Chan Chi of Hong Kong who is 107 (ha!), rather ironically, shares a name with the Chinese title for life force/male sexual energy and claims he's still alive because he doesn't have sex and hasn't in over 70 years. It's important that we think about this because old people never exaggerate and they are also normally having a lot of sex at 107.

He does smoke though so it probably evens out. Either you smoke and don't have sex or you don't smoke and you do have sex. Obviously this isn't official or anything but it seems likely that America could prove somehow that sex and cigarettes are a dangerous combination. At least in light of this news article. Maybe a thoughtful drug company will come out with some treatment that will help solve the problem too. For two hundred dollars a month.

Oh, plus the Chinaman eats low fat too. Shouldn't we be writing everything he says down? He's sure to know everything. Let's get it all.


The image included isn't actually of Chan Chi because there don't seem to be any. This one is fine though because it reminds us of what old Asian men look like. In case you can't imagine without help.

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