Monday, February 05, 2007

You'd think that an online database of names compiled so people may be baptised as Mormon a year after they die would be taken seriously by everyone everywhere. After all, Mormonism is a really rational religion - at least for a cult that started out of New York in 1830.

But, apparently the luxury of listing your ancestors on a website so they can be baptised has been abused - no doubt by the type of kids who consider Klingon a religion or the kind who are doing a political science degree for no apparent reason - have been listing all manner of people as baptisable ancestors - notable Mickey Mouse and the Pope.

As Mickey Mouse is a cartoon character, it is safe to assume he feels no pain but the situation is different for the Pope - for whom purity of religious order and ritual is a meal ticket and access to an endless supply of sparkling Prada shoes.

Too late though - he's already on the list so, it's therefore safe to assume, the Pope - a year after dying will be yanked out of Pergatory, Heaven or Hell (if he doesn't adequately deal with the whole Hitler Youth unpleasantness) and will be made to eat with the polygamous father contingent.

What a shame he just declared Limbo to be culturally irrelevant and therefore now non-existent. This baptism could have been his "get out of Limbo FREE" card.

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