Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Yesterday, Rob Lowe wrote an editorial in the Huffington Post about how he was being extorted for 1.5 million dollars by a former nanny of his children. Presumably because that’s always the first thing you do when something like that happens. You write an editorial.

Anyway, so, the basic rundown is that he’s being threatened by this woman who is saying that unless she gets 1.5 million dollar by the end of the week she’ll leak all these apparent lies to the media.

From the published blackberry e mails she sent to Rob Lowe’s wife, she sounds weirdly unstable and so at the end of the day, she’s probably just some celebrity stalker freak.

That’s fine.

So, TMZ is reporting today that the police found out about Rob Lowe’s problem and called him, offering to assist with an official investigation which he then turned down stating that he was choosing to deal with the matter privately.

I just love the idea that if this happens to you you immediately write a celebrity editorial online about with your celebrity name at the top and then you turn down police assistance.

Cause, it’s important to quarantine the information that comes out so you can control it and release details as you need them. Because what is Rob Lowe actually UP to? He can’t just blurt out all the anecdotes and drama at once? These things take time. He needs the press to continue for a while so people start to remember his name.

And then they’ll in turn, remember he can act. And then, if something comes up – they can give him a call. This is a lot better than that bird killing story but how on earth could anyone have actually arranged for that …unless the bird was remote control. [source] [source]

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