Thursday, April 17, 2008

The New York Post is reporting that Ashlee Simpson’s father and, let’s face it, media pimp Joe Simpson is trying to pimp out pictures of the Simpson Wentz baby that Pete Wentz keeps insisting doesn’t exist and he’s asking for a million bucks from the gossip magazines.

The gossip mags have responded by saying that they don’t really think she’s worth that and maybe they’d offer 60,000 instead.

Wow, nice to know how much you’re worth.

Meanwhile, what an intricate tissue of lies these Simpson and Wentz people weave. Firstly, they’re not getting married, then they are. Then there’s no baby and then suddenly the father wants money for the first look at the baby. I mean, look, I’m almost questioning whether I should believe anything the old ex-Reverend Joe Simpson says. I’m just considering it for a second. I’m no making a decision either way yet, it’s ok.

I’m trying to remember what it was exactly that was so fascinating about Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson being together. I mean, Pete Wentz is totally stunning etc so that’s fine but she’s this generic, LA ditz product. She’s been completely defined by not being Jessica Simpson and not being a fashion accessory to Pete Wentz’s particular brand of watered down emo rocker aesethetic.

Who is the real Ashlee Simpson and what makes her tick? I …actually no, I can’t even fake an interesting in that.

I like people who pretend to have careers in music and acting but who actually make money by selling pictures of themselves and their offspring. Like J Lo, Nick Lachey and that Ritchie fetus. I’m not even going to type her full name. I hope she is watching. She'll see. She'll see and she'll know and she'll say, 'Why, he wouldn't ever enable a pointless celebrity like me by typing my name.... "

Ah hem.

So, in short, Ashlee Simpson is pregnant and her father is trying to sell the rights to the pics but no one is biting because no on cares about her. [source]

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