Friday, April 25, 2008

Well well well, look at who is really thinking ahead and coming up with the winning ideas…why yes, it’s Burger King.

The Sun in the UK reports that Burger King in Chelsea and Kensington, England, are about to offer up a new burger made of kobe beef, foie gras and freaking blue cheese. And they’re selling it for a STEAL at 85 pounds ($US40 billion/$AU40.0001 billion).

Does Burger King need Spencer Pratt/Ann Coulter brand publicity? Really?

I mean, what the fuck is this shit about? A Kobe beef burger with foie gras and BLUE CHEESE. How utterly nauseating. Plus, if I had 85 pounds to spend, I sure as fuck wouldn’t be going anywhere near some rancid assed Burger King.

I love the cultureless chavs that come up with shit ideas like this. You can just imagine a room full of fat, spoilt, velvet tracksuit wearing English chavs in their early 20s who are vastly under qualified for the jobs they hold coming up with a plan to push the Burger King brand into a new market by simply getting a list of illustrious ingredients like kobe beef, foie gras and blue cheese and mixing them up. The milkshake containing wasabi, gold leaf, beluga and the blood of young blond virgins didn’t quite make the list.

The Sun reports:

But Lucy Barrett, of Marketing Magazine, said: “The idea of a burger that no one buys is not as ludicrous as it seems. Burger King will use it to promote a gap in perception between it and McDonald’s. It could lead consumers to reassess the quality of the brand.”

No, it is a sucky idea. It’s vile. You’re wrong Ms. Barrett. There. I said it.
Plus, I don’t believe its kobe beef, it’s got to be kobe rodent. [source]

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