Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shock! Horror! Dita von Teese’s bra clasp got stuck mid performance on Tuesday night at a party for Cointreau on the Lower East Side. I’m sure glad THIS is making headlines because it’s about as fascinating to read about as it was to watch her do it in real life.

I actually went to this show and I was right next to the stage and did see her fumbling with a clasp but she kept a smile going the entire time. The thing is, the number she did was so completely NOT demanding at all and in fact she basically just walked out into the middle of the stage in this insanely glittering orange gown with about a two kilos of diamantes around her neck and basically just paraded up and down for like ten minutes and then climbed into large plastic champagne glass and that was it.

She looks great but she’s definitely had work done, she’s not really doing that much on stage besides getting dressed up and the main thing she does well is appearing in public perfectly put together and never speaking. That’s when people like Perez Hilton click in with their tendency towards doll worship and BANG she’s a star.

It wasn’t that great. Julie Atlas Muz could kick her ass with one blink of her delicately feathered and sparkling eyelid.

Of course, the other reason I’m posting about this is because I went and now I can be all “I was there when this happened” which is about as obnoxious as Perez Hilton on a good day. Not quite as bad but it’s getting there. I’m going to go and make myself throw up now. [source] Here's a video of some of the show: [source]

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