Thursday, April 03, 2008

John McCain went on Joe Scarborough for a bit of a love in and to be fair it was much the same as when Barack Obama or Chris Dodd went on Keith Olbermann – no one particularly disagrees with one another and everyone sits around patting each other on the back.

McCain did admit to the fact that even though he said he was a great fan of the show “the Hills” and that Heidi Montag is a great actress, he was lying. Which is a far more important point to make than merely saying that he was happy to have Montag’s endorsement.

His people had to have ascertained that attention from Montag was somehow worth something in mobilizing a demographic of young people otherwise there’s no way he would have bothered. Although, the idea that Heidi Montag has actual loyal fans is essentially preposterous to me.

Of course, then John McCain goes on to talk about how Montag isn’t the only popular actor endorsing him. Well, no…that’s right. He’s got plenty of celebrity endorsements. He’s totally hitting the impossibly fickle, trend crazy youth vote now.

Why, let’s recap: he’s got Kid Rock: a fat idiot reality TV star ex rocker, Chuck Norris: an advertorial starring ex-action hero, Wilford Brimley: a disease addled, cantankerous old man with a stupid moustache, Sylvester Stallone: a steroid poisoned meat head douche bag and Clint Eastwood: an admittedly talented but cranky old man. Plus, now of course, with Montag he’s got a vacant, innocuous airhead generic LA bimbo who allows her boyfriend to treat her like she’s his Islamic wife/property. Oh wait, no…in the current seasons of The Hills, she’s challenging her chauvinist douche bag husband which of course makes her a feminist hero. How silly of me to forget that. At this rate he's totally on his way...

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