Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Speaking of films that seem to have unmistakable links to completely unlikable people, Paris Hilton’s new film "Repo! The Genetic Opera," directed by Darren Lynn Bousman who directed such cinematic masterpieces as "Saw II, III and IV" (I mean, they must have been good – they made 4 of them!) is threatening to come out.

There’s rarely anything wrong with a film that needs an exclamation mark in the title. It usually just need about 20 years to become ironic and camp and potentially a cult film. However, I’m just feeling more culturally reassured than I have in a long time now that I know that it’s possible for Paris Hilton to come out with a film like “The Hottie and the Nottie” which was certifiably the worst film ever listed on and still not hinder the release of something else she’s in.

Also, I’m glad that Paris Hilton has continued to see fit to keep putting out cultural offerings that feature her both moving and speaking. After her soul quenching appearance on Larry King post jail release I was so gla to see that the unwitting zeitgeist of our time was as articulate as she is thoughtful and stunning to look at.

Jesus, I’m losing track of the parts of this that are sarcastic and ironic and the parts that are just rageful. Must be this medication and the new soy protein I eat for breakfast. It’s this “chocolate soy protein with greens supplement”. It’s meant to be good but I think it might actually be rotting my brain.

Anyway – while Paul Sorvino’s role in "Repo! The Genetic Opera" is really the only thing making me think it won’t surpass the crapulence of “The Hottie and the Nottie” - and that’s really stretching it – at least it puts Hilton well on the way to becoming the classless version of Joan Collins she was always going to become.

Keep it up Paris – everyone’s counting on you.

Actually, omg – what if she and Nicky Hilton become the contemporary Beales? In 20 years, when everything falls apart, they could be living in a broken down Las Vegas penthouse condo with 50 cats and no internet. Oh, GOD – I just found a reason not to open a vein over the delay in the release of Tom Cruise’s new film. I’m sticking around for that. [source]

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