Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Paris Hilton was just banned from a Hyatt Hotel in Moscow because she signed her name on a poster of herself and apparently ruined the expensive wallpaper. Apparently dragging her diseased ass into the hotel in the first place wasn’t enough of a risk to the hotel guests to warrant a banning but signing her name was. But, you know,what - that's fine. As long as someone is beating her ass down.

If she had received more scoldings like that as a child perhaps she wouldn’t be the embodiment of everything wrong with humanity today. That's what a good, essentially strict middle class, proper upbringing in suburbia and a private school education has taught me.

I actually think that Russian intolerance for bullshit is a really good thing. I went to get my haircut the other day and I was being so high maintenance and then finally the Russian woman cutting my hair said, “ You need to make a decision NOW. I have to EAT” and she was so blunt and assertive that I just went ….”ok” .

Plus, the rest of the report about this, the one the UK’s Sun reports anyway, says that she was fined 4500 pounds for being such an entitled, repulsive slag and after that she went and spent 30,000 pounds on wine and gave some random guy 150 pounds for his jacket. I actually just love that you know Hilton thought she was channeling Warhol by signing it. Really doing everyone a favour.

You can also guarantee that some Hilton-mad, gay Russian hotel employee will cut that poster down and throw it on ebay asap.

So, in short: Russia: One, Hilton: Zero.


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