Monday, April 14, 2008

For whatever reason, Katie Couric’s role as the news anchor at CBS has failed to boost its ratings to a point where she was actually worth the 15 million dollars a year she was being paid.

So, the word is, she’s on her way out. Maybe she’ll take Larry King’s job when he leaves in 2010, maybe she won’t. Everyone’s quotes and points of view are all over the place trying to protect themselves.

So, anyway – rumoured to be taking her role at CBS now is good old Stunning Arms Anderson Cooper and what a charming thought that would be. While he’s done a pretty swank job at moderating the presidential debates, Anderson’s career as a primary anchor of his own show at CNN has been at least in part a direct result of hype, his grey hair, blue eyes and sparkling smile not to mention the relentless coverage of his refusal to come out of the closet; ie. Nothing to do with his ability to actually be a seasoned journalist anchor. He’s not BAD but he certainly seems to get by and excel on a lot of hype. Plus, he’s always so insistent that he’s a hard hitting journalist. There’s an urgent, forced seriousness in his voice and a really painted look of concern on his face.

Am I the only one who misses his column in Details? It was always a gamble as to which photo of his they would put up; the smiling one or the serious one. When he wrote about his brother's suicide they used the serious one. It's always a joy when something in the news involving Anderson Cooper pops up because I get to talk about why he's famous, how cute he is, how average his work is and how I'd go on a date with him anyway - if only he knew I existed. God, I'm predictable.

Still, as far as a marketing machine goes, putting Anderson Cooper on network television will only broaden his fan base and cement his role as a dashingly handsome, gym built beauty. And when you’re faced with one of them on the TV screen during the prime time news hours each night, who the hell cares what his resume really looks like. [source]

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