Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Oh look, a carefully placed gossip item about Gossip Girl’s Chase Crawford rebounding from his ex-girlfriend Carrie Underwood to his co-star Michelle Trachtenberg. He was seen out in Soho, conspicuously flirting and salivating all over his female co-star and so the New York Post reported it.

This of course, comes out a week after the rumours that he’s dating the terminally closeted J C Chasez from NSync and it should do the trick in just the same way that Hillary Duff was seen a little while ago drinking champagne in a nightclub and making out with her (long term monogamous) boyfriend – coincidentally at exactly the same time that she seemed to be having a really hard time transitioning from sterile child star to sexually developed adult. They tried whoring her up with slutty outfits but apparently that’s not enough.

These days you have to really be an adult in the gossip columns before people will think of you as one.

Cut to the almost prohibitively pretty Chase Crawford being seen out constantly with J C Chasez. Oops, can’t do that! Quick, link him to an innocuous girl who could also use a personality injection. I wonder how many emergency publicist meetings were scheduled over this little mini crisis.


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