Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The New York Post reports that burlesque artist Dita von Teese has a foot fetish and the report comes just in time for the release of a new book about feet by hard cover coffee table porn publishers, Taschen called “Glamour from the Ground Up”.

I’m sorry but Dita von Teese is to burlesque what Pete Wentz is to Emo. She’s managed to take it mainstream by dressing properly, never doing anything outrageous off-stage and never saying anything. There’s hardly a continuum between what she does artistically and what she gets paid. She’s getting 20-30,000 dollars for an appearance and her work is about as edgy as a VH1 special.

But then, when you’re a woman who is always marketing yourself as uber glamourous, you aren’t blond with a tan and you live in LA, you never show unattractive signs of emotional complexity that are actually confronting and you survive something like a divorce or the death of a loved one you immediately become a gay icon.

And I’m talking about the type of gay icon championed by mindless populist, starfuckers like Perez Hilton. The amount of times Perez has published photos of Dita von Teese with the caption “’FLAWLESS” scrawled over the top of her head are too numerous for me to …well, remember really and frankly I just don’t really think she’s worth the attention.

Maybe I’m over burlesque after seeing it relentlessly in New York for years. But then, Perez does the same thing with the even more pointless Miss J Alexander on America’s Next Top Model. Completely run of the mill vogueing queen who could be anyone in that scene but who inflates their work beyond recognition.

The appeal of Dita von Teese is just the same as the gay diva appeal of Hillary Clinton. Gay men who shun individualism tend to gravitate towards hectic, alpha women.

So, with Miss von Teese, she’s got a foot fetish all of a sudden because she’s just getting paid. There are some real, gritty innovators in the world of burlesque but they’re not her. [source]

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