Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Last night I went to the screening of a film called Postal with Randy Jones from the Village People, we went to dinner at B Bar in the East Village and then went around the corner to this small club where the old Slide used to be, I think it's called Antique now, with a bunch of people including Michael Musto and Ben Widdicombe from the Daily News, some girls I didn't know, a model named Py (I can't be sure of the spelling but it sounds like pie) Randy and I met at the screening and Keith, Randy's nephew.

This is the preview of the film:

But the thing is: I had my backpack which I use to carry my laptop and hard drive. The laptop had hard drive are chock full of everything important and basically everything I've done for the past four years professionally.

At the end of the night someone had taken my backpack - along with my laptop and hard drive. It seemed completely implausible because the place is really small and it was with a pile of our group's stuff including another backpack but it was taken.

So, now I'm working off this other computer but I don't have any of my personal files , e mail or anything to work from.

I'm kind of unsure what to do now seeing as it really does contain my entire life. The laptop is password protected but the hard drive is not - I mean, not that there's anything on there besides my entire portfolio and all my archived blogs etc. but it's a really horrific feeling.

Consequently, I can't really blog today. It's technically difficult and I'm not really in the right headspace.

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Faith said...

You poor thing!!! I had my purse lifted from under my nose ina mostly empty midtown bar a few months ago. I felt horrible, and it wasn't near as serious. Hope you called the cops at least.

So sorry.