Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here’s Madonna’s hilarious new video which she made as part of a viral marketing campaign based on online, youtube style videos to promote her new album. Look at her! She’s vacuuming! Well, I never expected to see that. Look at the way she uses the vacuum cleaner. It looks totally natural! It’s like she’s used one before. I’ve used a vacuum cleaner before too! Oh my GOD, she’s just like me!

I mean, it’s funny and all but that’s primarily because she is completely gorgonesque every other second of the day that when she says one thing that is even remotely lighthearted, everyone dies of a hilarious based coronary.

It seems like at this point, Madonna can’t be completely stoic and unbreakable because she’s really not capable of as much edginess by herself as she once was. Now she needs an army of people telling her where to be and what she should do and who she should work with to stay relevant.

That’s why she can’t be without irony. With irony…maybe the latest album was actually a lot less serious than she meant it- yeah, that’s it, it was meant to be kind of hilarious and the launching point for a million youtube satires…

Note the slivers of English accent in her speech. SO good. She really may as well be English. That's it, she is English. I don't even care. She is whatever she tells me she is. I'm an idiot.

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