Tuesday, April 22, 2008

While Lindsay Lohan may have hit the bottle over the weekend and her mother, father and soon, no doubt, her sister as well, are all narcissistic, attention seeking, greedy, bully, trash fest messes, the New York Post reported today something that has given me an inkling that Lindsay at least may in fact, not be completely nuts.

Lindsay Lohan is obsessed with Samantha Ronson, the DJ sister of Mark Ronson and they’re actually living together. No one seems that bothered by the inherent lesbianism which is interesting. So, Samantha Ronson was DJing and Lindsay Lohan was there but was getting extremely defensive about who spoke with Ronson and when Ashley Olsen wandered up to say hello, according to Page Six’s completely unverifiable source Lohan yelled:

'Get your 15-year-old 'Full House' a - - away from my girlfriend,' "

And if you replace the words “my girlfriend” with “Western culture” it forms a kind of prayer or exorcism chant that is highly cathartic to say. Especially if you have a little doll in front of you that you’ve dressed in a caftan by Chanel, huge inane dark sunglasses previously owned by Elaine Stritch and a vastly unnecessary fat fur headband.

There’s a scene in Amadeus where Salieri is watching Mozart conduct an opera and he explains that listening to the fourth act was like witnessing God sing through Mozart.

In this scenario, with Lohan, Olsen and me, I feel like Salieri, Lohan is Mozart and Olsen is basically not really that important – it’s more the purity of message that resonates. [source]

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