Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oh Jesus, Heidi Montag has told In Touch Magazine that she’s honored to be considered a “Feminist Hero” – which is what the New York Times called her when they reviewed the new season of The Hills.

“I was very honored to be called a feminist hero,” Heidi tells In Touch. “It’s a big deal to be even acknowledged, let alone complimented by The New York Times by such a profound, famous TV critic.”

Even though she definitely considers herself a feminist, when asked who her Feminist Heroes are she said, “ Um… I’ll get back to you on that one!”

So, I think essentially there’s really no need to argue or even discuss the extent to which she’s a pointless dumb ass ho. No, she’s cleared that up quite cleanly. Of course she doesn’t know who her feminist heroes are. She probably can’t even spell the word “feminist”. She has one routine with the press and that is the mindless ramble. She’s never asked complex questions because nothing about her is complex so most of the time so she just repeats key words to the interviewer and then smiles and does her dead behind the eyes laugh.

I really just resent writing her name.

Actually, no – give her her own show. Come on, let’s really entertain the idea of Heidi Montag as a fully actualised cultural artifact. Great. Oooo, look how much she has to offer. Wow, I’m so enriched.

Unless Spencer Pratt takes Michael Lucas up on his offer to get plowed by a power top on film I refuse to write about either of them. Oh Jesus, who am I kidding? I'll probably write my PhD on them. Maybe then they'll know who I am.... [source]

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