Friday, April 04, 2008

Avril Lavigne just said this to a crowd of people in her homeland of Canada:

“I love you Montreal, I'm so happy to be back home … in Ontario, Canada,"

Montreal is in Quebec. Avril Lavigne, just to recap, is FROM CANADA. Therefore, Avril Lavigne is a freaking asshole.

It’s a shame that Lavigne can’t seem to get actual critical acclaim or press for doing anything right. The only press she seems to get is this kind of thing; coverage of her douchebag bullshit fake punk, ill-educated crap. This is the kind of thing Mischa Barton and Lily Allen do. Oh god, and Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. Actually, maybe Avril Lavigne is becoming like Ann Coulter and Michael Lucas. Those two are like the leaders of the pop culture dark side.

But just in general, Avril Lavigne is a ridiculous farce, I mean, we’re all well aware of that, right? She’s this petulant entitled idiot kid who was used to be the anti-Spears when Britney was really at the height of her powers. The record company made P!nk and they also made Avril. The reason it worked is because she was too stupid and spoilt and rancid to realize she was a product and therefore some level of authenticity ran through the whole, faux punk karate leg kick in the air, eyeliner, skull and cross bones bandana wearing, fake story about beating up random people in the street telling bullshit.

There’s really no authenticity with her, she was taken so young that she was frozen into that role as faux punk douche – in much the same way really that that woman who was 5 saw her entire family shot I front of her by the Nazis and so she just stayed mentally 5 for the rest of her life.

I mean, sort of. That cheapens the plight of that woman though and it gives Avril Lavigne an excuse. I really don't think there is an excuse for Avril Lavigne and it's not responsible to give her one. Shame on ME. [source]

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