Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Page Six is reporting that Samantha Ronson has essentially moved in with Lindsay Lohan to attempt to keep her clean and away from drugs.

Of course, while it seems like a lovely gesture, it’s really not as good and pure a scenario as it seems.

The reason that Lindsay Lohan is such a freaking addict – and we’re talking about alcohol, drugs, sex, publicity, drama whatever – is because she has a gaping hole inside her that probably has no limit. She’s filled with a crippling void.

So, while Ronson is keeping her off drugs, maybe, she’s certainly not keeping her off carpet munching. I’m pretty certain that’s the case. There’s a massive amount of lesbianic activity going on in the Lohan LA home and it’s the only thing separating Lohan from eyeballing rat poison to escape reality.

I recently wrote this feature profile about a fisting porn star who is grossly grossly unhappy and he has two obsessions; fisting and music. The reason behind it is because those are the only two things that help him effectively escape his life.

Ronson’s box is Lohan’s newest drug. I guess that’s my central point here. [source]

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