Thursday, April 10, 2008

The New York Post is reporting that Silda Spitzer, the wife of the disgraced former New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer, actually knew about how the Governor was buying whores but she never cared that much.

They quote an apparently reliable source who says:

"He said something like, 'My [bleep]ing wife doesn't care, so why does anybody else care?" our insider told us. The ex-gov's flack Anna Cordasco responded: "Completely false."

Of COURSE the flack denied it. At this point she’s not going to say, “Oh yeah…actually, she did know and she didn’t care…”

But I actually would totally believe she didn’t care. These political married couples aren’t like regular people. They only exist for one reason and that is for power and status and money. I mean, the Clintons for Christ’s sake. America demands that its Machiavellian leaders package themselves in a nuclear family style unit so it feels nice and sunny and sweet but underneath that crisp sugary shell there’s a core of blood thirsty ambition and need that takes the space up where a soul would be.

Who the hell knows what Silda Spitzer wanted out of the marriage and being the Governor’s wife but it sure as hell wasn’t linked to her undying soul crushing love for her husband and motherly concern for her children. She was a corporate lawyer before working in not for profit charity as the first lady of New York, maybe she wanted to be like Prince Edward’s wife who wanted to bulk up her PR firm’s clientele, maybe she wanted to run for office just like Senator Hillary Clinton, maybe she was sending her husband out to research what it was like to be a madam. Who cares? The only people really outraged by this whole scandal are boring people who now see Eliot Spitzer as morally unfit for public office and actually probably his wife too.

But not because she feels betrayed in her marriage; because she never solidified that career in whatever it was she wanted before the whole thing came crashing down. Poor dear. [source]

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