Friday, April 25, 2008

It turns out that NBC has flatly refused to allow OJ Simpson to appear on Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump, according to the New York Post.

Oh well, so NBC loses out on being able to really freak the shit out of everyone and stamp the bar of culture’s lowest common denominator that much lower than VH1’s Celebra Cadabra. Incidentally, what freaking coke high 24 year old LA marketing whore thought up that name?

Celebra Cadabra, you may recall from yesterday is a clown school reality show hosted by suburban child abuse victim and neurotic clown/walking nightmare David Friedman. His main claim to fame is that he may have been abused by his father but he’s repressed a lot of the horror and now he works with children dressed as a nightmare. Hooray! VH1, you’ve won this round but I’m sure the Donald will be back at the game trying to win the war.

Plus, you know Donald Trump would have walked into the NBC offices and said, “OJ is a good man, he’s a fighter, he’s a killer…..oh….I mean, he’s a fighter and a hero to many…and he’d be perfect for the show. The show is the best show in the world and for that I want the best American Hero I can find and that man is OJ”

What you learn here is that Trump’s main technique is just to mindlessly rattle of complete conviction about whatever he’s doing despite any basic reality or fact.

My favourite people of the hour are the execs at NBC who just slapped Trump down and said no.

Poor OJ. What will he do now? Maybe he should open his own charm school. I know for sure he shouldn’t kill anyone though . That would be tactless, mean and careless, frankly. [source]

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Faith said...

I, personally, am very disappointed by this news. I was sort of looking forward to another explosion like the guy from the Sopranos forgetting he's not really in the mafia. Only with OJ. And he goes off the deep end and kills that pantload Don Jr.