Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Heather Mills is taking a leaf out of the Ann Coulter book for getting publicity by acting like a freaking insane, narcissistic child at the Miss USA pageant and delaying the signing of the contract because she wanted to be paid more money.

TMZ reports that she insisted people would be tuning in to see her and so if the ceremony were broadcast multiple times, she should be paid more money. After being essentially ignored by the organisers, she went and tried to work a little of her sexualised stump charm on Donald Trump himself to get her way and whether or not she did specifically because of that is really of secondary importance to the fact that the combination of Heather Mills flirting aggressively with Donald Trump is far too maddeningly erotic to not want to think about incessantly. For optimum digestive health.

The thing is, even though she’s a gold digging, weird assed, irrational, attention seeking ass, she’s basically right. She’s aggressively hated on an international scale because she divorced a Beatle and went for money she was owed as a wife of a multimillionaire. She fought aggressively to get what she felt she was owed and seeing as Paul McCartney was never seen reacting on any level in the press, she looked like a really fucked up gold digger. Which she more or less is but I’m taking a different look at this.

The thing is, fame is fame. And fame is a marketing tool. Donald Trump knows that in the same way Rosie O’Donnell and Ann Coulter and even dumb ass old Michael Lucas does. It’s just an equation.

So, Heather Mills was booed at the pageant. Big deal. The pageant itself went on as scheduled and probably the same tired assed, generic, self loathing bimbo freak who has starved herself in every way all her life to try and fit into the narrow character profile of the type of person who can be a beauty pageant winner probably won again and the product will go on log after Mills’ ephemeral impact has encouraged people to write about the pageant and look at youtube clips of it and laugh at her being dehumanized. Like I am doing right now. Thus making the ratings go up. Thus justifying her pay rise.

She probably did boost ratings. Plus, doesn’t a crap, culturally outdated freak show like the Miss USA contest need a little bit of a personality injection anyway.

Still, it astonishes me just how much Heather Mills has managed to muster up so much hate. I mean, she’s on par with terrorism and salmonella almost. She just needs to stop lashing out like a spoilt brat. She handles everything badly. She has no grace. That’s her main issue. [source]

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