Wednesday, April 23, 2008

OJ Simpson is always looking for new ways to redefine what constitutes the notion of appalling – I think that’s clear by the sheer fact that he insists on existing but Page Six reports that he’s really going for it now because he has been petitioning Donald Trump to let him go on “The Celebrity Apprentice”.

The source suggests that NBC and Trump are interested but are proceeding with caution.

What’s to worry about? The show is already about as nauseating as anything else and what with VH1 redefining childhood horror with David Friedman getting his own celebrity clown school show the bar I set so much lower than anything else so having a delusional, egotistical lying murderer on the show will be great.

As with the Friedman show, it’ll be interesting to note the point where the other celebrities realize they are on the show to kick start their careers and so they have to just not worry about the fact that he’s a killer and a freak and get on with the bitching and smiling.

Today is about as slow you can get. I mean, seriously. Well, apart from the beating Hillary Clinton is getting even from the New York Times despite the fact that they endorsed her and that she just won Pennsylvania. [source]

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