Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Page Six is reporting that David Friedman, the youngest son of Arnold Friedman and the younger brother of Jesse Friedman who all appeared in the chilling documentary “Capturing the Friedmans”, the documentary that examined the awful mystery surrounding pederast charges that landed both Arnold and Jesse in jail is back to work on a reality TV show called “Celebra Cadabra” on VH1 where he’ll teach c-list celebrities to be clowns.

He was working as a children’s party clown until the documentary came out and after that he could no longer secure work. So, naturally he created another, much more inappropriate character for children’s parties named Dr. Blood who specialized in amputations. Sure, maybe for your average self indulgent goth parent but really? Amputation clown party? It sounds like a classic nightmare.

So, now that it’s evidently viable to remain totally drunk and incoherent and still manage to work for VH1 and approve new programming, David Friedman is to be a TV host.

There is no way in Hell anyone would bother watching that show unless David Friedman’s past were infused into it. I mean, who the hell cares if freaking Carnie Wilson can tie a rancid assed balloon giraffe while wearing macabre face paint? Not me. And not YOU either.

BUT – when you add in the inescapable horrific reality that David Friedman is almost the quintessential poster boy for hidden, shameful, middle class suburban family ruin, the show takes on a far more disturbing and entertaining bent. Especially seeing as all the celebs will be churning out their relentless forced happiness and no one will speak of the unpleasantness. It will just hang there and everyone will know.

This is like children’s TV meets rape. Actually, that’s pretty much literally what it is. HA! Hilarious.

I suppose bringing in a tremendously complex child abuse victim to teach entertainment to washed up celebs dressed up as clowns is honest though. I mean, after all, clowns are really only meant to frighten the crap out of kids anyway – why not adults too? [source]

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