Monday, April 07, 2008

The new Marc Jacobs shots of Posh Beckham have come out and she’s basically rolling around on the ground dressed in what looks like a regurgitated Andrew Lloyd Webber prop, sucking her thumb.

For all his ludicrous behaviour when it comes to the men he dates, Marc Jacobs is a rather interesting and subversive man. I can just see her arriving for the shoot and Marc Jacobs taking over while she just does whatever he says because he’s Marc Jacobs. He could have been half awake after doing meth for three days and she wouldn’t have questioned his ideas.

I completely doubted him when he chose Posh as one of his muses because I really figured that she was this utterly unrescuable pointless chav slag who managed to buy her way into various circles but who would never really have the actual substance to prove anything more than the fact that no matter how much money you have you can never buy talent or class. And the thing is, it really seemed weird to me that a fashion designer would want to point that out. If Fashion doesn’t stand for money being able to buy you substance then what does it stand for? Oh, ok…yes, whatever…it’s about self expression blah blah blah

But these shots give her a skerrick of depth by making her look slightly hipster which, of course, is equally as nauseating, but I mean, at least it looks like she has the capacity to do something slightly less exhausting to look at besides going through the motions of a career as a pop star and sucking in her cheeks while not smiling a lot.

Oh who am I kidding, hipsters are just as exhausting. God, culture sucks right now.

Well, Marc Jacobs is interesting. And also, Meryl Streep doesn’t suck. And I’m into Steve Reich and Goldfrapp right now. Oh, wait, no I’m not. My computer was stolen. All my Steve Reich and Goldfrapp are gone. When I find that kid that stole my stuff I’m going to systematically take apart his or her life and laugh. [source]

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