Monday, April 07, 2008

The New York Post reports that the Olympic flame that is currently traveling through France was extinguished 5 times because of protests. Not once, not twice, FIVE times.

The flame was lit in Greece as it always is and then traveled to Beijing on March 31. It was split off into two flames and is traveling around the world to return to China in August for the opening Ceremony.

I am totally hanging for this Olympics because it’s the most insane thing ever and every single week something insane happens. China is out of control stressed about it because the Beijing Olympics are like this huge coming out party for them. They consider it this way of showing the world how together and cool they are so they’re acting like the most irrational freaks ever. I’ve written a lot about how they’ve been banning bad language, replacing broken English signs, they shut down 1/3 of restaurants because they fell below health standards, they’ve recruited all taxi drivers as drug informants, they’ve banned the sale of crispy duck near public toilets, the hotel room rates are beyond ludicrous, Mia Farrow forced Stephen Spielberg to resign as Artistic Director of the Games and people are now protesting the Olympic torch as was predicted. Protesters consider it appalling that China could host the Olympics when it is as they say, “ the world’s biggest prison.”

It’s just hilarious that every single step of the way, this Olympics has been plagued with melodrama and conflict and they can’t even get the Olympic torch through France without having it extinguished 5 times. I mean, doesn’t that render the whole thing meaningless now? It’s not the same flame anymore. The whole point is defunct now. But, why let that stop China?

There is no doubt in my mind that China is sitting at home, scrubbing the floor getting angry at the dirt and fighting as hard as it possibly can to keep those tears at bay. God, I can’t wait until August. It’s going to be better than any white trash celebrity wedding reality show. [source]

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