Friday, April 18, 2008

I didn’t get this the other day because Lord knows, I don’t read Fashion Week Daily for some insane reason but apparently James Franco is the new face of Gucci.

It makes sense in a classic sort of way because he’s really astonishingly beautiful. It’s certainly makes more ultimate sense than Marc Jacobs choosing Posh Spice to suck her thumb on camera while wearing a Technicolor yawn.

But anyway, so the photo I found of Franco on Towleroad that has the Gucci logo above it, which I’ve put above, is apparently not the actual ad – it’s just some photograph with him in it shirtless with the Gucci logo above his head. Isn’t that basically what an ad is? What the hell is going on?

God, Fashion is draining. It really is. Not only is it expensive, and time consuming and a professional realm which actually encourages people to abandon the notion of considered depth, it’s also completely arbitrary and erratic.

I suppose all culture is though and frankly, its nice to know that we may very well see James Franco hanging out in his underwear soon although, I kind of like the armpit shaving shot for some reason. He’s a stoner too. I wonder why Gucci want to hire a stoner? I mean, Franco is a public stoner. Oh whatever. Just take the damned shot already.


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