Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jennifer Lopez is apparently going to star in a reality TV show that shows how she juggles her children, career and marriage except of course, for this decade’s Latina Joan Crawford, they’re calling it a “docu-series”. Oh, ok, totally. That practically makes it freaking science, doesn’t it? Way to create a career out of talking about how to have one.

This isn’t really that surprising though. She already started creating a career out of the fluff elements of her fame when she had the kids and she invested a million bucks in creating the correct space for them and then sold the rights to the first pics to the gossip magazines for 6 million dollars. I mean, she has to though. Her actual art isn’t bringing in any money and her half dead husband’s work is even less interesting to the public than hers.

She’s sort of become, then, a more high maintenance version of Carny Wilson. I don’t quite know why I’m choosing her but it could be because she basically just goes on reality show after reality show and that’s it.

That’s actually apparently enough to create a certain type of career these days. It’s one that has no real worth of critical acclaim but at least the invites keep rolling in and at least you’re on TV. And if you’re not in TV in America…you’re nothing. [source]

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