Wednesday, April 30, 2008

OK! Reports that Joe Simpson is after a reality show for daughter Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz – just like he did with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey right before they divorced and both slipped into inane obscurity.

Is there some kind of freaking manual that you get when you’re a vicarious freak show mother? Dina Lohan is doing the same thing with Alli Lohan that she did with Lindsay, despite the fact that it ruined the first kid. But, then maybe it was just that Lindsay was cursed or something. Only one way to find out…do exactly the same thing to your second kid and see if it turns out like a nuntcase insane drug addict public liability.

The only thing that makes the idea of a reality show starring Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson is the fact that it would star Pete Wentz and he would probably at some point be naked. Because you know he’s one of those guys like Flea who runs about naked after like two beers. Or at least, that’s what his publicist tells him he is.

What the hell happened to Fall Out Boy? I mean, aren’t they a band? I mean, what happened to guyliner and thanking us for the memories? I sort of want to be thanked for the memories again. Actually I personally never really liked them THAT much so I don’t really mind if they don’t make more music but it would be a shame if they didn’t seeing as they were finally getting somewhere and then dumb ass LA skank idiot ditz Yoko Ono Simpson rocked up and, with her momentus need, extracted Wentz from the public’s clutches.

Damn her. All I cared about was more sexually ambiguous statements from Pete wentz and inadvertent photos being leaked but that’ll never happen now. God, everything sucks.

So, in short, if there’s some reality show, I’ll watch it.


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