Tuesday, April 08, 2008

God Gatecrasher has some quality items today. I say quality because they mean I can bring the subject round and talk about myself through them and by them I mean, just one.

My old friend Randy Jones, the original cowboy from the Village People, let leak the other night at Antik nightclub that he had a rather interesting experience in 1982 with Tom Cruise at the Atlanta version of Peter Gatien’s Limelight.

Right. Where to begin…

Firstly, there was an Atlanta version of Limelight? My God, that’s glamorously crap. How exciting. Let’s all go hang out in Atlanta at the franchise of a New York nightclub. You get all the glamour and fabulousness of New York nightlife in the 80s but you get to stay cozy and fulfilled in Atlanta. Win Win!

Anyway, so Gatecrasher writes:

To hear Jones tell the story, it was quite a party. But after calls went out to a spokeswoman and attorney for the "Mission: Impossible" star yesterday, the book's editor assured me that Cruise's name had been removed from the final version.

It certainly was quite a party. I wrote about it here . Randy told me Tom Cruise blew him when we were at a party at Celeste Holm’s house. I told Ben at Gatecrasher the next day but Ben was really worried about the legal ramifications of linking Tom Cruise to dick that isn’t inside of Katie Holmes so he didn’t run the story. He did however, run the tip I gave him that day which was that the Heatherette fashion line was going under.

PLUS – can I also point out that Ben mentions that Randy told him the story while he was at Antik and I was with them both and that was the night my bag was stolen (from Antik) but my bag being stolen apparently isn’t as interesting as Randy getting blown and then potentially sued by Tom Cruise. Ok fine.

But you know what? Go ahead Tom Cruise – sue me. I’ve got some 6 dollar gourmet butter and a bottle of vicodin in the fridge, a scanner/printer I can’t use anymore and a pair of Versace pants. Let’s go. [source]

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