Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rosie O’Donnell is back on the publicity war path and this time she’s hawking her mental illness, channeling the celebrity of Britney Spears and making sure we don’t forget that she got in a fight on The View all of, what? 86 years ago? Yes. Excellent

When she went on The View, Rosie O’Donnell’s attempts at making sure she was clearly responsible for a ratings boost were so obvious. She picked fights with people who would lash back and play the game like Donald Trump and then the whole “Ching Chong” thing which was so completely ludicrous but at least the irrepressibly self righteous and nauseatingly delusional Michelle Malkin managed to make a quick buck out of it while Rosie played dumb and also cashed in.

So now, with a new children’s book to sell, O’Donnell is back on track and she’s bringing up everything she has to slap herself back into the limelight.

Best quotes from O’Donnell include:

On Martha Stewart: “I tried my best but it’s hard for me when I’m not the boss. There was people there telling me what to do. There was a little Republican who scared me.”

Yes, Elizabeth Hasselback’s breathless, calculated, predictable standard right wing for profit views that spew out peppered with girlish crying tantrums every now and really are petrifying.

On Good Morning America: "I sort of feel Britney has become the poster child (for mental illness). The kid is very young. She never had a childhood. She never rode a Big Wheel. Rather than put her face on mental illness, or Brooke Shields, who had postpartum depression, use me."

Please. Please give me something to do. I may not need the money but I’m forever plagued by this gaping desperate need for attention.

To be fair, I never gave a shit about The View and its relentless estrogen soaked, apologetic meta narrative infested quasi political discourse until O’Donnell arrived. With Rosie in the hot seat it was like every day there was a great new inane scandal to think about thanks almost entirely to her and she did end up hammering out a useful political argument that beat Hasselback down more than once. Now all they have is the mind numbingly stupid, good natured moron Sherri Shepherd. Shepherd’s not really useful. I sincerely believe that. She isn’t useful to anyone. [source]

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