Monday, June 02, 2008

Gosh, a lot of people are dead today. Interesting people. It’s not a surprise because famous people always die in groups. I think because they’re afraid to be alone. Still, this week it was fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent – dead at 71, musician Bo Diddley(who, I must admit, I instantly mixed up with Boo Radley but he's not a real person so I corrected myself) dead at 79 and the creator of Pringles Fredric J. Baurm dead at 89. All in one weekend!

Each one of these men were unique pioneers in their field but as a team, united by their times of death in some strange, random way – if you think about what they gave culture; their offerings work quite well together. Think about it, last week you could have dressed up in your finest Yves Saint Laurent couture, gone out to see Bo Diddley perform and snacked on all manner of different varieties of Pringles knowing that the clothes, music and food you were enjoying were all created by men who were alive. Not this week. This week we mourn the loss of these great visionaries and we take stock.

I have only ever owned Yves Saint Laurent underwear I think. I bought two pairs of them once and gave a pair away because I thought it was cool to give people designer underwear for about two weeks as a 20 year old. I had more money back then. I have recollections of studying Bo Diddley at school in music class AND I think there are actual Pringles even now, upstairs in my apartment in the kitchen. That's MY personal history with these men.

If you read the New York Times piece I’ve linked below, it simply publishes quotes about Yves Saint Laurent by famous people who know about Fashion other designers mainly. Then there’s Sarah Jessica Parker who gets in presumably because she is sort of a style icon at least right now because of the Sex and the City film. Then if you look below there’s this quote from a reader:

June 2nd, 2008 12:53 pm
All these great comments from people involved in Fashion and style and culture. And then there is Sarah Jessica Parker’s tidbit. Who and when decided that she is the preeminent fashion icon I’d like to know. Maybe the same person who decided that Patricia Field is costume designer.
Please people, let’s get real here.
- Posted by john s

My Goodness. So catty! So informed and opinionated! So appropriate!

Rest in Peace you creative masterminds…

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