Friday, June 20, 2008

Angelina Jolie’s new film Wanted where she plays an assassin is getting rave reviews and it’s not surprising. Angelina Jolie is the Elizabeth Taylor of this generation. She is the embodiment of everything superhuman. When she plays hyper violent roles like the assassin she play in Wanted, it completes her image as the perfect contemporary straight man’s fantasy.

She’s physically perfect, in real life she never diverts from old school essentially conservative glamour which makes her unthreatening to straight men, she married a man who is more or less as unreal in terms of human attributes as she is so even being married didn’t take her away from being a sex object and then when she acts, the films that do the best are the ones that have her killing people with stoic skill. I mean, Mr and Mrs Smith was basically just a way of presenting the erotic energy between Jolie and Brad Pitt and wrapping some violence around it. Straight men love that kind of thing. Lara Croft was the same basic thing. She’s hot, female and physically capable. It’s entirely the average straight male fantasy. They don’t want a human, they want a doll who likes violent movies.

Where Jolie doesn’t win, is when she plays thinking roles and activists. That’s simply not sexy for straight men. It’s weird to me that she’s not more of a gay icon. I think she lacks tragedy. There’s something dark about how stoic she I think but it’s not enough to woo queens who love a tragic diva. She is too perfect. Gay men would faun over her but she’s not really human and she doesn’t need a decorator for her body or her house so when it comes to Angelina Jolie, gay men are out of a job. Giver her a semi automatic weapon and a sleeveless top and a series of violent enemies though and she’s at her most marketable. [source]

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Jesse Archer said...

I adore Angelina Jolie. The world needs more like her.

Happy Birthday Matthew!!!