Monday, June 02, 2008

Page Six has reported that Lindsay Lohan has turned down an offer of 1 million dollars to come out of the closet on the front cover of OK! Magazine. Presumably because her mother is telling her to hold out for more money. Of course, with Dina Lohan it’s a complicated situation because on one hand, one half of her brain is screaming at her to make money off of her kid and to leech off her fame. The other part of Dina Lohan’s brain, the part that is a simple, common, suburban woman with lower middle class values is probably mad that her daughter could be gay and is coming up with ways to talk herself and Lindsay out of her “life style”.

Those trucking mothers are always the toughest.

So, what you really have here is Dina Lohan in a sort of Jan Brady headspace where she’s unsure which voice inside her head to listen to. It’s funny, I always considered Dina Lohan to be a freaked out, nasty piece of work but never someone with multiple personalities and yet now it seems more viable. God, I’m really pulling something out of nothing here but why not, that’s what Dina Lohan seems to be doing with Alli Lohan and their inane reality show, Living Lohan.

I wonder why on earth Lindsay turned down that money. It’s bound to be more money that she’s been offered for any actual acting work lately. And like I said some other time Lohan’s carpet munching ways came up – being a lesbian for her would really just be another drop in the ocean of the persona based issues she faces in Hollywood. In fact, if she were out and dating Samanthan Ronson, maybe she’d seem slightly more grounded. Grounded into a pair of Birkenstocks and a flannel shirt with a clear disdain for men in general because of the way society is so patriarchal but still, grounded. [source]

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