Thursday, June 12, 2008

OK! Is reporting that Britney Spears could very well be up for an Emmy for her role on “How I Met Your Mother”. Totally. Bitch doesn’t throw up or menstruate on herself in public for 10 minutes and she gets nominated for an award. How American.

In fact, why don’t we nominate her to run with Barack Obama as the VP? Why, she’s pretty enough. She’s had media experience. She’s good at wearing boots and she hasn’t had a car crash or meltdown in several months now that her father is at the helm.

To be fair, she’s one of 41 actresses on the list that gets whittled down to the final 4 or 5 so there’s still a large margin for rational thought to step in and make it all ok. I’m just not convinced LA culture will facilitate rational thought though. I mean, Jennifer Hudson for Christ’s sake.

Stupidest thing ever. She was a gimmick, she stumbled through her lines, it was cute and she was better than I thought she was but JESUS get it together. She isn’t worthy of an Emmy. Stop. Everything. Now. [source]

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