Friday, June 13, 2008

Celebitchy is reporting that Joel Madden, of Good Charlotte fame, has decided that he can’t marry Nicole Ritchie unless she converts to Christianity and confesses all her sins. He can have a child with her but he can’t marry her.

They write:

As The Enquirer reported last week, Nicole has had trouble coping with the stress of motherhood. “Joel thinks God will be the ultimate answer to her problems,” continued the source…. “As much as Joel loves Nicole, and is dedicated to being her rock, he feels like their marriage would never work unless they are on the same page with their religious beliefs,” added the source. “Bottom line, he wants a Christian family.”

Christians who are really successful in mainstream pop culture are always fascinating to me. You really don’t get to that point unless you’ve managed to side step some landmines, and felate some record producers. I mean, not that all talented people are whores but there’s a lot of negotiating of what is acceptable and morality is a very gray area. I always love it when someone comes out as a strict conservative Christian and they’re an actor. I just don’t get it.

Not that Nicole Ritchie is really in any better position as far as values go. In fact, maybe she should join a cult. Yes. Good. I like that idea. I like the idea of Nicole Ritchie becoming a nun. There will be so much less noise if she does that. Excellent work Mr. Madden. Drag her into your lair of fear and keep her there. [source]

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