Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Minutes after Tori Spelling gave birth to her little daughter, Stella Doreen she’s slap bang on the front cover of OK! Magazine. Ok, well, not minutes, about 14 days. The kid is fourteen days old and she’s already in a magazine. I guess it’s understandable because as the kid gets older and as she’s snapped by the paparazzi she becomes less valuable and as the price for pics of the kid goes down the more Tori and Dean will actually have to do something for money to support their surgery and shopping habits.

I kid, Tori’s great. I’m not happy about her surgery and boring reality show career choices but NOTORIOUS was a great show – sincerely self deprecating and funny. She’s not as bad as they’re making her out to be.

So, who knows how much she got for the pics but that’s less interesting to me at this point than the pic of their other little son, Liam who is in the spread as well. The pic above is genius. He’s just so completely left out and is bored.

She’s out there flogging her kid, LA style and he’s trying to find out when he can get the hell out.

He’s great. “Um, listen…I realize this is a family requirement but can someone please give me an idea of how long this is going to take? I’ve got lego houses to build and I’m scheduled to run around in circles in the backyard with a big stick at 2. I just don’t want to miss anything….Anyone? ANYONE?”

But Tori never answers. She just sits and smiles. Relentlessly. Thinking about that check. Liam is going to be fascinating when he grows up. Hopefully less fat and douchey than his pointless uncle too. [source]

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